Maris Polymers liquid insulating membranes

Maris Polymers is a manufacturer of liquid membranes for waterproofing roofs and terraces. Since 1989, it is present in over 50 countries worldwide, and recently also in Poland. From its competitors distinguishes itself by the quality of the relationship to the price of their products, which guarantees for up to 25 years.

These membranes are designed for applications on new construction and renovation of the old roof hydroisolation (bitumen, EPDM, PVC, polyurethane foams, sheet metal, etc.).

Excellent adhesion properties and the minimum weight of the Mariseal membranes enable easy renovation of roofs and terraces without breaking and disposal of the old waterproofing. Just prepare the old surface using a properly selected primer to be able to make applications directly on the old insulation using a regular brush, roller or airless spray, without any source of heat. This technology significantly reduces the cost of repairing the roof and terrace.

Maris Polymers systems are warranted for 10, 15 or 25-year, depending on the applied solution adopted for the specific implementation. So long warranty period is possible thanks to the highest quality components and rigorously maintained at every stage of production, quality management system. Quality Control Department operates according to the fully implemented by Maris Polymers standards EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001.

The product brought on to the market is perfect in every way. The highest quality of products has been confirmed among others by certificates like: CE, DIBt, ETA and EOTA.

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Is a family of products based on polyurethane resins, forming a coherent system of seamless roofing membranes for flat and pitched roofs. Protect the construction of a long-term guarantee of durability. The system is resistant to the most difficult weather conditions.


· Easy application
· Creates a seamless membrane, that guarantees the tightness of the coating
· Bridging cracks up to 2 mm
· Maintains all mechanical properties in the temperature range of -40°C to +90°C
· Provides water vapor permeability
· Provides closely bound to the substrate over the entire surface
· Provides high reflectivity of sunlight: lower amplitude of the surface temperatures are reducing constructional design work – longer components life
· No heating of the attic in the summer reduces the use of air conditioning and reduces costs
· Resistance to the growth of plant roots (green roofs)
· The surface may be exposed to heavy use by pedestrians, depending on the applied surface layer
· Resistance to oils, detergents and other chemicals
· In case of mechanical damage easy spot repairs
· Low cost



It is used for waterproofing:
· Roofs, terraces, balconies
· Areas permanently exposed to water
· Water tanks, swimming pools
· Flowerbeds
· Foundations
· Pedestrian tracts, walkways.

The possibility of application of the membrane to:
· wood
· concrete
· mortar
· metal
· bituminous tar papers
· foundations
· EPDM and PVC membranes etc.

Waterproofing membrane MARISEAL

mariseal-2501MARISEAL® 250 is a one component, permanently flexible, liquid polyurethane waterproofing membrane premium class. It creates a seamless waterproofing membrane resistant to all weather conditions. MARISEAL® 250 thanks to its parameters is perfect in most applications: on roofs, balconies, terraces, multi-storey car parks, etc.
MARISEAL® 250 is the backbone of the MARISEAL system.
MARISEAL® 250 is a one-component, applied in liquid form on cold polyurethane membrane.
MARISEAL® 250 is designed for waterproofing of structures such as:
· Roofs
· Balconies
· Terraces
· Sidewalks
· Polyurethane foams
· Constantly wet surfaces
· Flowerbeds
MARISEAL® 250 successfully passed testing at the German Institute of Building Materials MPA-Braunschweig according to the guidelines of the EU directive stipulating requirements for liquid waterproofing membranes ETAG 005.
MARISEAL® 250 passed tests at the French Research Institute of Building Materials BUREAU-VERITAS.
MARISEAL® 250 is certified by the German National Institute for Building Technology DIBt-Berlin, where he obtained European Technical Approval (ETA) and CE.
MARISEAL® 250 was also certified according to standards:
· DIN 1928, which classifies the product as a waterproofing membrane.
· DIN 4102 Part. I, that gives fire resistance class B2 for building materials.
· DIN 4102 Part. VII, which is classified as a membrane resistant to flying sparks and high temperatures.

MARISEAL® 250 was also certified in many countries around the world, according to local and national standards.



mariseal-270MARISEAL®270 is a single, permanently flexible, liquid polyurethane waterproofing membrane, forming a seamless shell. Used for waterproofing places permanently exposed to water, foundations, balconies (under tiles), etc. finds its application in bathrooms, kitchens, balconies etc.

mariseal-300 Mariseal® 300 is permanently elastic membrane used for waterproofing tanks of drinking water, water channels and septic tanks.
Mariseal® 300 is a two component, containing no solvents, odorless, polyurethane membrane in liquid form. After completing the binding process creates a seamless, permanently flexible waterproofing membrane used for waterproofing:
· Tanks with potable water
· Water channels
· Septic tanks, etc.
Mariseal 300 is certified for use with permanent contact with drinking water (protect tanks of drinking water, etc.).

MARISEAL® DETAIL is applied in liquid form, thixotropic, one-component, polyurethane, permanently flexible, liquid polyurethane membrane, reinforced with synthetic fibers to ensure permanent waterproofing of complex structural elements of the roof.
MARISEAL® DETAIL is mainly used for waterproofing elements such as:
• Pipelines
• Items with sharp and straight angles of inclination
• Domes
• Chimneys and cornices
• Photovoltaic Systems
• Wall – floor joints
• Gutters, sewage, etc.
• easy to apply (brush)
• fiber reinforcement
• creates a seamless, homogeneous membrane
• resistant to water, rain, frost
• maintains the mechanical properties in the range. -30°C to +80°C
• water vapor permeable, allowing the surface to breathe
• full adhesion to the surface without the use of additional adhesives
• in the case of a local damage to the membrane can be repaired in a few minutes
• low cost

MARISEAL® DETAIL can be used, among others, on:
• concrete
• brickwork
• brick
• tar paper with a mineral finish
• smooth tar paper
• metal
• PVC and aluminum joinery
• PVC membrane and EPDM
• wood, etc.


kolorowa, jednoskładnikowa, wysoce wytrzymała, alifatyczna, cienkowarstwowa powłoka poliuretanowa. MARIPUR(R) 7100 jest specjalnie zaprojektowany do stosowania jako powłoka dla podłóg wewnątrz budynków , zapewniając wysoką wytrzymałość mechaniczną, wysoką odporność na ścieranie i odporność chemiczną. Jest trwała, kolor nie zmienia się, odporna na promienie UV i warunki atmosferyczne. MARIPUR(R) 7100 wykorzystuje unikalny system utwardzania (wilgotność ), w odróżnieniu od innych podobnych systemach nie reaguje z wilgocią (utwardzanym za pomocą wilgoci), a zatem nie tworzy pęcherzy lub pęcherzyków, gdy jest stosowany w wyższych grubościach.

MARIPUR(R) 7100 jest wykorzystywany głównie na posadzkach betonowych, na powierzchniach wewnętrznych. Ze względu na długotrwałe niezmienne właściwości jest szeroko stosowany do: biura, sklepy, kawiarnie, restauracje, magazyny, garaże samochodowe, parkingi samochodowe, fabryki, chłodnie, etc.



kolorowa, jednoskładnikowa, wysoce wytrzymała, alifatyczna, cienkowarstwowa powłoka poliuretanowa. MARIPUR(R) 7200 jest specjalnie zaprojektowany do stosowania jako powłoka dla podłóg na zewnątrz budynków zapewniając wysoką wytrzymałość mechaniczną a także wysoką odporność na ścieranie i odporność chemiczną. Jest trwała kolor nie zmienia pod wpływem promieni UV i warunków atmosferyczne.

MARIPUR(R) 7200 jest wykorzystywany głównie na posadzkach betonowych, na powierzchniach zewnętrznych lub wewnętrznych. Ze względu na długotrwałe niezmienne właściwości jest szeroko stosowana do: parkingi samochodowe, pokoje, zewnętrzne i wewnętrzne korytarze dla pieszych,pomieszczenia magazynowe, fabryki, itp



mariseal-710 is a colorless, semi-rigid, deep penetrating, one component polyurethane primer. Solvent-based. Binding occurs by reaction with the humidity of air and the ground.


• Simple application (roller or airless spray)
• One component product
• Excellent adhesion to the surface
• Fast curing
• Resistance to permanently surging water
• Adjusts to movements of the surface


MARISEAL®710 is used as a primer for polyurethane waterproofing membranes and polyurethane filling cavities on surfaces such as:
• Concrete, cement, mortar, cement screed, wood.
Also used as a stabilizer of old and brittle concrete surfaces. It can also be used as a permanent surface protection against grease, oil, moisture, chemicals.

MARISEAL®710 CONSUMPTION: 200-250 gr/m2 for one layer. The coating is evaluated using a roller with a smooth surface in optimum conditions. Factors such as surface area and porosity, temperature and application method can change the consumption.


1. Surface Preparation

Made with due diligence to prepare the surface for the primer is fundamental for optimum durability. The surface must be dry and free of any dirt, dust and loose parts, that could interfere with adhesion. The maximum allowable surface moisture is 5%. Old, loose coatings, dirt, grease must be sanded. Fresh concrete has to dry for at least 28 days before the product application. Irregular and sharp shapes must be aligned or deleted.
NOTE: Do not wash surface with water!
2. Application

For best results, application temperature should be between 5°C and 35°C. The lower temperature will affect to bond, while a higher speed them too much. High humidity may affect the result. Apply the MARISEAL® 710 by roller or brush until the entire surface is evenly covered. For larger areas airless spray may be used. After 2-3 hours (not later than 4 hours) when the primer is still slightly tacky, apply the polyurethane waterproofing membrane or polyurethane filler cavities.
RECOMMENDATION: If the surface is fragile (e.g. lightweight concrete, perlite floor raw concrete) apply two layers of MARISEAL® 710.

MARISEAL® 710 is supplied in 17 kg, 10 kg, 5 kg and 1kg cans. Cans should be stored in dry and cool rooms for up to 9 months. Protect the material against moisture and direct sunlight. Store in temperature 5°C -30°C. The product should remain in their original, sealed packages, with a visible label, along with the name, manufacturer, serial number and security measures.


MARISEAL® 710 contains isocyanate. Only for use by professionals.



MARIPUR ® 7000 to przezroczysta, półsztywna, głęboko penetrującym, jedno składnikowy grunt poliuretanowy. (primer) na bazie rozpuszczalnika. Utwardza ​​się w wyniku reakcji z podłożem i wilgotności powietrza. MARIPUR® 7000 stosowana jest głównie jako podkład dla powłok podłogowych poliuretanowej na chłonnych podłożach, takich jak: beton, jastrych cementowy, drewno, itp


Manually applied hybrid (polyurea-polyurethane) waterproofing membrane
MARISEAL® 560 is applied in liquid form on a cold, cold-drying, permanently elastic two-component polyurea modified membrane used for long-term waterproofing. Binding occurs via a chemical reaction of the two components.

The membrane MARISEAL® 560 is based on pure hydrophobic elastomeric resins guaranteeing excellent resistance to mechanical, chemical, thermal and weather impact.

• Simple application without burner (roller or airless spray)
• Creates a uniform surface without joints
• No maintenance required
• Provides coverage scratches and cracks bridging
• Environment friendly
• For each type of support structure
• Suitable for new construction and renovation
• Provides breathability coated surface
• Maintains excellent mechanical resistance in the temperature range -30°C to +90°C
• Regardless of the temperature does not soften
• Excellent adhesion to all types of surfaces
• The surface can be charged with local or public pedestrian traffic, depending on the applied finish
• Chemical resistance to detergents, oils, etc.
• Easy to repair in case of perforation
• Low cost of application

• Waterproofing of roofs
• Waterproofing of balconies, terraces and verandas
• Waterproofing of wet areas (under the tiles) in bathrooms, kitchens, etc.
• Waterproofing and protection of concrete structures
This requires adequate coverage of the surface layer in areas trafficked of pedestrians (e.g. the roofs, terraces, pedestrian streets) requiring no-chalking finish on solid color.

mariseal-4001MARISEAL® 400 is a pigmented, UV resistant, permanently flexible, one-component aliphatic coating used to protect polyurethane waterproofing membranes. Used on roofs and terraces where there is moderate pedestrian traffic.

To ensure a perfect waterproofing and attractive visual effect, it is needed to use a top layer Mariseal® 400.
Aliphatic layer is applied on the main membrane MARISEAL to give it a decorative finish on solid color, as well as additional resistance to operate in heavy pedestrian traffic.
Mariseal® 400 is a flexible, pigmented finishing aliphatic coating applied to the main waterproofing membrane. It creates a shiny, decorative and easy to clean surface resistant to pedestrian traffic of moderate intensity.
Mariseal® 400 provides a color stability, UV resistance and extra protection. Non-yellowing, not chalk up. It has been tested and certified by the German National Institute of Building Materials MPA-Braunschweig.

mariseal-4201 MARISEAL® 420 is a pigmented, UV resistant, elastic stiffness, single-component aliphatic coating used to protect polyurethane waterproofing membranes. Used on roofs and terraces, where there is heavy pedestrian and car traffic.
It can be used on surfaces, that require special resistance to harsh operating conditions, such as. high traffic loads of pedestrians and automobile traffic. A resistance can be achieved using the outer layer of Mariseal® 420. It is hard – elastic, pigmented aliphatic coating used to give the main waterproofing membrane MARISEAL® durable resistance to harsh operating conditions, including heavy pedestrian and automobile traffic. Application results in a shiny, easy to clean surface that is resistant to abrasion, non-yellowing, not chalk up, it is UV resistant.



maritans MARITRANS is a transparent, UV-resistant, elastic stiffness, single-component aliphatic coating. Used as sealing layer of decorative waterproofing coatings on balconies and terraces exposed to very intense pedestrian traffic. MARITRANS is also used as an independent waterproofing membrane surfaces covered with ceramic tiles.


MARIPUR  7700  przezroczysta, błyszcząca, półsztywna jednoskładnikowa alifatyczna powłoka poliuretanowa o dużej wytrzymałości na ścieranie i bardzo dobrą stabilność UV, stosuje się jako przezroczyste warstwy nawierzchniowej na konstrukcji takich jak podłoga lub beton. Wchodzi w reakcję z wilgocią z otoczenia (wilgoć ją utwardza). MARIPUR(R) 7700 jest wykorzystywany głównie w zastosowaniach podłogowych, w postaci przezroczystego, odpornego na promienie UV, bezrozpuszczalnikowej powłoki na wcześniej wykonanych poliuretanowych lub epoksydowych powłok lub jako przezroczysty uszczelniacz do  betonu. Ze względu na swoje właściwości jest powszechnie wykorzystywana do zastosowań dekoracyjnych systemów podłogowych:

· Uszczelnia
· Biura i domy
· Sklepy i salony
· Nocne kluby i restauracje
· Magazyny i obszary produkcyjne
· Szpitale i opieka zdrowotna, usługi itp.


MARIPUR® 7200 kolorowa, jednoskładnikowa, wysoce wytrzymała, alifatyczna, cienkowarstwowa powłoka poliuretanowa. MARIPUR 7200 jest specjalnie zaprojektowany do stosowania jako powłoka dla podłóg na zewnątrz budynków zapewniając wysoką wytrzymałość mechaniczną a także wysoką odporność na ścieranie i odporność chemiczną. Ma trwały kolor, odporna na promienie UV i warunki atmosferyczne dzięki temu jest trwała po aplikacji na zewnątrz.
MARIPUR® 7200 wykorzystuje unikalny system utwardzania (za pomocą wilgoci), w odróżnieniu od innych podobnych systemów nie reaguje z wilgocią (utwardza się za pomocą wilgoci), a zatem nie tworzy bąbli lub pęcherzyków, gdy jest stosowany w wyższych grubościach.

· Łatwe nakładanie (wałek lub natrysk bezpowietrzny).
· Dekoracyjność.
· Odporna na ciągłe, intensywne ścieranie i warunki zużycia.
· Stabilny kolor i odporna na promieniowanie UV.
· Ciepło i mrozoodporna.
· Po nałożeniu nie chłonie płynów ani brudu.
· Zatrzymuje powstawanie pyłu.
· Daje błyszczącą i łatwą do utrzymania w czystości powierzchnię.
· Nie wykazuje efektu kredowania aromatycznych hydroizolacyjnych powłok poliuretanowych.
· Odporność chemiczna.
· Zachowuje swoje właściwości mechaniczne przy rozpiętości temperatur od -20°C do + 90°C.


mariseal_fabric1Polyester geotextile used for reinforcing waterproofing membranes of MARISEAL system.

mariseal-katalysator1 The catalyst to accelerate the binding of MARISEAL system membranes.

mariseal-pu-301Sealing – adhesive mass to the joints and cracks.

One-component polyurethane sealing compound with average elastic modulus.

MARIFLEX® PU 30 is a thixotropic, permanently flexible, applied and drying in cold, one-component sealing compound based on polyurethane. Dries by reaction of the substrate with moisture and air.

• Sealing joints and expansion joints of heavy and light prefabricated and traditional masonry
• Sealing expansion joints in floors in buildings exposed to heavy traffic
• Sealing joints in rubber and PVC floors
• Sealing moving joints
• Filling cracks
• Bonding tiles inside buildings

• Simple application (one component product)
• Excellent adhesion to most substrates: concrete, glass, anodized aluminum, wood etc.
• Resistant to standing water
• Resistance to frost
• Retains mechanical properties in the temperature range of -30°C to +90°C













Terraces and balconies are constantly exposed to moisture, damaging UV radiation, erosion, acid rain, friction and tension associated with changes in temperatures and freezing water.

These are the causes of peeling the ceramic tiles on the ground and leak. For sustainability of water resistance and decorative effect, you should use MARITRANS® SYSTEM. This membrane is applied to the surface of the terrace or balcony, providing a waterproof and protect new structures as well as the renovation of leaky surface, allowing to significantly reduce the cost of repair - no need for break the old ceramic surface, the imposition of a new waterproofing and new tiles.


MARITRANS® is a transparent waterproofing coating based on a UV resistant polyurethane resins. Applied onto a terrace or balcony creates a seamless membrane resistant to pedestrian traffic, protecting the surface against the most difficult weather conditions.

MARITRANS® successfully passed testing at the German Institute of Building Materials MPA-Braunschweig

It was also certified according to standards:
· DIN EN 1928 Procedure A and was classified as a waterproofing membrane.
· EN ISO 12572 according to which is certified as a breathable membrane.
· DIN EN ISO 572 is a process of accelerated aging. After 2000h exposure to strong UV rays revealed no mechanical changes.
· DIN EN ISO 4628-6, according to which there was no chalking after 2000h exposure to strong UV radiation.

MARITRANS® membrane was developed also in view of other applications, that require a colorless waterproofing resistant to UV radiation, including the repair of leaking structures such as:
· Atriums
· Transparent polycarbonate roofing
· Skylights
· Broken/ cracked surfaces of glass
· Glass bricks, glass, etc.

· Easy application (one component product)
· UV resistance
· No chalk up, non-yellowing
· Resistance to standing water
· Decorative coating, easy to clean
· Does not age, does not crumble, does not harden
· Bridging cracks
· Creates a seamless coating, free of joints and the possibility of leakage
· Retains the mechanical properties in the temperature range from -30°C to +80°C
· Provides a vapor permeability
· Provides a bonding to the substrate over the entire surface
· Membrane designed for daily use by pedestrians
· Resistant to detergents, oils, acid solutions, etc.
· Easy to spot repair in case of damage
· Low cost compared to traditional restoration, including breaking the old and applying new waterproofing and new tiles.
The entire surface must be activated by using the primer MARITRANS® TILE PRIMER.

Primer clean and degrease the surface providing high adhesion parameters.

Application of MARITRANS® membrane.
After binding membrane creates a lustrous surface. If it is desired satin-matt finish apply one coat of MARITRANS®FINISH to the main membrane. For best results, the surface on which we make the application must be dry, welds and joints must be clean and free of precipitated salt.

Decorative coatings
Waterproofing of the terrace and the balcony can be done using a combination of systems MARITRANS / MARISEAL.
This gives a wide feasibility of decorative terrace finishes.

The first step is an application of MARISEAL®250 on the surface to be waterproofing. MARISEAL®250 is a highly elastic membrane class premium, which can cope with any movement of the structure of the building. It is the main membrane of waterproofing system. The next step is the application of MARISEAL®400 layer to achieve the desired color. On the still wet surface, we sprinkle selected at the discretion decorative chips. Then, we apply a layer of transparent coating MARITRANS®, the last sealing layer of decorative terrace floor.

Sandy carpet
Waterproofing of the terrace, balcony and a pedestrian walkway can be performed using a sandy carpet.

This solution is durable, decorative, has non-slip properties.

The first step is an application of MARISEAL®250. It is highly elastic polyurethane membrane premium class, which can cope with any movement of the structure of the building. It is the main waterproofing membrane of the system. The next step is to create a resin mortar, based on which will perform a sandy carpet. The mortar is performed by mixing a colorless liquid membrane MARITRANS® with colored silica sand or a fine natural stone. We apply the mortar with a trowel directly on the MARISEAL® 250. The obtained surface is durable, resistant, slip-resistant, resistant to abrasion, aesthetic and, of course, completely water resistant.



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