RE-GPPS Low impact polystyrene regranulate RE-GPPS

RRecycling (EN. Recycling) – this is one of the methods to protect the surrounding environment. Its main function is to reduce the consumption of natural resources and reduction of waste.

According to the above definition in the era of environmental protection in accordance with the guidelines of WEEE should be used waste materials for reuse in the production cycles and therefore, the company Phoenix Distribution supporting environmental protection, has introduced from the year 2012 to its offer, blow molding (RE-GPPS) low impact polystyrene as raw material for packaging food production, beverages, disposable utensils, electrical and electronic goods, toys.

It can be also used in the automotive industry furniture, food processing, construction (construction boards, insulation boards xps, etc.), etc.

Low impact polystyrene regranulate is filtered, mechanically clean, easily flowable, with high stiffness and hardness. Its color: natural with a yellowish tint and a high-gloss surface, suitable for staining in all the colors of opaque and transparent. Attached, please find technical data sheets of two our partners – RE-GPPS manufacturers.